Can Home Ownership Be Any Easier Simple Solutions Towards Home Ownership

No One Ever Explained To Me How Easy Owning A Home Could Really Be…I Think I’ll Take Two!

How can one enter a strong man’s house and steal his goods, unless he first ties him up Only then can he steal the things in his house. Matthew 1229

If you are currently renting a home, you may feel like you are tied up and being robbed blind month-by-month. There’s no doubt about it, living in Ontario and considering the taxes, insurance, cost of commuting, etc. our general living expenses can easily be considered very high. Now factor in housing expenses, utilities, maintenance fees… more taxes, etc. Whether you own or rent your home, life still remains quite costly. The difference between renting and owning isn’t necessarily about decreasing your monthly living expenses, as living in Ontario has a cost to it regardless. However owning your own home gives you something of value as proof of all your efforts.

Just starting off on your own, living off campus as a student, being new to Canada etc, at some point or another, one usually needs to experience renting a home. But at what stage do you realise that it’s time to seek the stability and responsibility of homeownership…just a thought to consider.

Here is another situation. You currently own your own home, and are paying your monthly principal, interest, taxes, insurance and all your other household expenses. Although you have many monthly expenses, you have that pride of ownership knowing that you have the control, and even better, you can look forward to an increase in property value. That sounds pretty exciting right Now consider this, if you decide to sell today, although your property has increased in value, most likely so has the rest of the city! So by moving from your current home to another home within the same area, technically even though the property value has gone up you may not be able to enjoy the increase by buying another home…However, you do have more control, and more options compared to simply renting.

One more thing to consider…What if, instead of owning one house…you had two!!! Now not only are you a homeowner, but you are also the landlord! And this time you are the thief, renting your place to those who are just starting out on their own, living off campus as a student, and those that are new to Canada. But this time, as an Investor, you enjoy the exciting part opportunity of earning a monthly cash flow, and the ability to reduce your taxable income. Now that is really something to consider

Do any of these possibilities scare you Don’t be. Work with someone who knows the ins and outs of the private Real Estate investing, like a mentor, a guru, or a friendly team of investors in your area. They can sit down with you and discuss the opportunities available for Home Ownership and Real Estate Investing, and explain to you the best part of it all…you don’t need to have the greatest credit, nor a whole lot of money! You may be very surprised!

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