Money Rules for Real Estate Investors

Every sport has its rules. And if you are going to play the game, you need to know the rules of the game you are playing. Real estate investing is also a game with its own money rules. This means that you need to know the money rules of real estate investing if you want to invest in real estate.

Consider playing hockey. You need to know the rules of hockey. Hockey rules are very different from tennis rules. Imagine what would happen if you tried to play hockey with tennis rules. You wouldn’t have a very successful hockey game. Yet, people often confuse the rules when they start to invest in real estate. Instead of playing with investor real estate money rules, they try to play with consumer real estate money rules. When they mix consumer rules with investor money rules, they play a game that does not give them what they want. It’s a case of mixing apples and oranges, and ending up with lemons.

The most important consumer money rule is that you and your credit are the most important factors. You will need to have enough money to make the down payment and qualify to buy the property. You will need to have good credit.

These consumer rules often make it difficult when you want to buy property as an investor rather than a consumer. They can keep you from making money as a real estate investor. Often this is the reason why investors are unsuccessful when they attempt to invest in real estate. They think that they have to follow consumer rules when they invest in real estate. Instead of buying as an investor, they attempt to buy the same way they buy their own homes.

In an expensive market, many people can’t even get into the game to buy their own homes. And in a very expensive market, it is almost impossible to charge enough rent to pay the mortgage. The result is that when people try to buy investment property using consumer money rules, most people cannot even get started. They can’t pay the down payment or they don’t have enough credit.

Even with these limitations, people do build real estate portfolios following consumer rules. The problem with this method is that it all depends on your money and your credit. You can create wealth this way, but it is a long and hard road to financial freedom.

Investors live in a world that is different than the world of consumers. Even though we’re all living here on the same planet together, investors think differently. They know that there are different rules of money.

The first rule of successful real estate investing is to invest with investor rules rather than consumer rules. As a consumer, it’s all about you. As an investor, it’s about the property and the deal. The focus is taken away from you, your money, and your credit and directed to whether or not the deal makes sense. This is very good news for people who want to invest in real estate. You don’t have to have a lot of money or excellent credit to invest. You do need to know the investor money rules.

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Investment in Property in Brazil an Overseas Investors guide

Brazil is hot property at the moment in terms of real estate investment. Overseas property investors are snapping up bargains in a rising market. The Brazilian government is spending large amounts of money promoting the north east of the country to tourists.

One of the largest airports in the world is currently being built in Natal, Brazil. The airport is to cope with the vastly increasing numbers of tourists visitng the area every year. Visitors from around the world have been visitng the area of Natal and Ponta Negra in ever greater numbers. In the years between 2002 and 2005 there was a 50 percent rise in visitors using Brazilian airports.

Values of property in Brazil are lower than many areas in Europe or the USA and offer good potential for investment. As overseas property investors realise the returns that are being made in Natal demand will become larger and values will increase even more.

Now it is very easy for property investors to visit their property investment in Brazil. There are plently of cheap flights from Europe year round making the investment ideal as a holiday property as well.

With the north east of Brazil experiencing a near perfect climate, sunshine and a stable temperature all year round speculating on your overseas property investment has become easier if you are attracted by good weather and a relaxed life style.

Many overseas property investors are looking to buy property in Natal and their investment has a chance to make good returns from the high demand for rental properties from tourists to Brazil.

Along with China and India Brazil is looking like becoming a big player in the world order in the future. If you want to make an investment in an overseas property market that is on the up then you can’t do much better than Brazil.

Overseas property investment is also very simple for investors looking to purchase property in Brazil as foreigners are fully entitled to own the freehold title of land and property.